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Omni-Tech Provides High Speed Internet to local area communities.

We can provide Wireless Internet in:Bloomfiled, NE - Coleridge, NE – Dodge, NE – Fordyce, NE – Fremont, NE – Hartington, NE – Hooper, NE – Nickerson, NE – Plainview, NE - Scribner, NE – Snyder, NE -Thurston, NE – Uehling, NE – Oakland, NE – Winslow, NE… Including these local lake communities Lake Ventura -Woodcliff & Timberwoods

High Speed Wireless Internet

Coverage Map Fremont Area

What is Fixed Wireless Internet:

This type of service travels using microwaves through the air instead of land

base wiring such as fiber, coxial or copper. The signal travels from
our tower locations, to an antenna mounted at your location, and then
travels back to the tower. Providing you with a highspeed connection
to the internet.

What is involved in the install:

Installation involves mounting an antenna to a pole, satellite mount on or near your
home, from that point a Cat5 communications cable is run to a power
injector and from there on to your computer or router. And yes with
a router you can have more then one PC online sharing your connection.

Service Total Monthly
6 mbps / 2 mbps $29.95
12 mbps / 3 mbps $39.95
16 mbps / 4 mbps $49.95
25 mbps / 5 mbps $59.95
30 mbps / 6 mbps ** $69.95
40 mbps / 8 mbps ** $79.95
50 mbps / 10 mbps *** $89.95

other speeds and packages available (call for more information)

**Please note if you are an existing customer please call in to verify equipment compatibility to move to the above new packages***
** Enhanced network only certain areas

Activation free with 1st and last months service paid, free installation (call for promotions)

"includes 75 feet of wiring, mount, and sealents – radio/antenna
remain property of Omni-Tech" and best of all no yearly contracts

to sign, service is month to month.

Hmmm, what can I even do on the Internet?

Education, Research, Work, Shop, Sell, Chat, Video Conference,
Watch Movies, News, Sports, Weather, Local, National, International,
Photo Albums, Long Distance, Networking, Banking, Forums, News Groups,
Security, Monitoring, Build, Design & Promote all at the speed of

Call today 402-753-9154 – Fremont

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