Jul 20

About Omni-Tech
Omni-Tech is a locally owned computer technology related business. The corporation started in October, 2000 by the Ron Getzschman family. Jason Getzschman is the Operations Manager of the corporation and Brian Getzschman is the Chief Technology Officer.

Omni-Tech is located at 2430 N Lincoln Ave in Fremont. We specialize in business technology infrastructure, such as designing and installing networks of computers and connecting them to the internet. Omni-Tech is a local High-Speed Internet Service Provider for both residential and business customers. We also design and custom build computers based on our customers needs, and repair or upgrade their existing systems.

Omni-Tech has broad experience and highly developed technical skills in networking, computer repair and service, as well as web design and email services. Look to Omni-Tech for Professional Solutions with real customer service for your home or business.

Omni-Tech Inc.
2430 North Lincoln Ave
Fremont NE 68025
Fremont – 402-753-9154

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